I have been questioning the meaning of beauty and what it is that makes something beautiful. To me, it is the thing         that makes me contemplate my life and the people who have and continue to occupy it. 

I always grapple over how I can recreate this moment through my work, the moment of true empathy; sharing                   the feeling of compassion and appreciation, beyond words, and through the heart. We all have different histories and     memories in life, but I believe when they are shared with true emotion, they will always arouse empathy in others,             and this fascinates me as both an artist, and as a human being.

In the recent body of work, Memori Ephemera, through using second hand jewelry from estate sales and vintage shops,     I investigate the lost value of the seemingly disregarded and neglected—not just their physical, aesthetic value, but also     their emotional qualities, which once made them precious—and express the burden and weight that we carry on,               but at the same time,  the poignancy of the idea that things cannot last forever and must one day be passed on,                 or forgotten and left to fade into obscurity, much like the relationship between life and death.

I hope my work awakens these beautiful moments and causes viewers to contemplate over their own memories in life.